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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 16, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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panic at a construction site when workers know what's coming. >> notice this wall that's supposed to be straight. >> see the disaster when bend leads to. the red sea. check out what happens. the epic sneak attack by one angry crea. that is performance art in a tree. >> oh, provocative. >> what happens when it all goes south. somebody came along and saw this they wouldn't say art, they would say crime sce! plus your shot to win summer cash by playing video knockout.
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and first timers get injections to plump their pout. >> there's not much space to them. see if the quest for kylie jenner's lips is worth the pain. two things i will never understand in life plumping up your lips and tanning booths. >> clearly some procedures i believe were not followed in the construction of this project because this turns into a slow motion disaster in china. construction workers have already evacuated the site because they know what's about to happen. keep your eye on this retention wall in the center of your screen. it's not doing the job it was built to do. it's starting to buckle, starting to guff way. you notice this wall that's supposed to be straight now has a bend in it. >> oh no! you can see it's -- you can see it moving so slowly. >> the whole thing.
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>> wow. how much of the earth just slides right into this pit they dug, that wall clearly not big enough strong enough or built right to hold back all that ground. >> wow. you're the engineer on this project or any of these builders you got to feel a little fool ush right now, a little sheepish. if you're the builder or designer on that it was time to emigrate somewhere because you just cost somebody a whole lot of money. it looks like this was going to be like a stadium or something. can you imagine if they got finished and it was this poorly built and people happened to be in there? that could have been a tra. >> the ground just gave way. what are you going to do now? you have to dig it all out. >> massive cleanup now. mikhail filmed an octopus in
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the red sea. check out what happens. an eel, an eel came out. does the eel get its tentacles? the eel attacked it and i think it got a chunk of it because something is flying right there. do you see that? >> that eel went right up and underneath wobbly under, the soft spot. ahh. >> that is right. >> look at how strong the eel was. you saw the octopus lurch and start to go back into the eel's hole there. >> this is something that you can't really predict is going to happen but some things you can really predict like this. what do you guys think is going to happen? it's going to pinch his tongue. that pincer is wide open ready to grab hold. >> only thing that can happen . >> oh! oh my gosh he's acting surprised. that crap is like oh no no you put your tongue on me. dude you're going to lose a tongue. >> it wasn't like an easy just pull the thing off. his friends had to really help.
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>> he got a tongue piercing. >> there is no end to the human brilliance is there? i got several videos for you guys all involving bad behavior and buses. this first surveillance footage from inside a bus in china. you see people boarding the bus, putting their fare in and watch this guy. that man has a knife and he is pointing it right at a female bus driver trying to reportedly hijack this bus. this entire incident is about 40 minutes long where this bus driver and another brave passenger tried to fight off this knife-wielding man but let me show you what ends up working to get this guy under control. whoa what the heck is that? >> fire extinguisher. >> a fire extinguisher gets this guy off of the bus. police are on scene and this man is apprehended. 20 passengers who were on the bus were able to get off of the bus. >> that's really quick thinking and good thinking because she
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was able to save herself and everyone else. >> this passenger on this bus not so smart. this also from china getting on the bus with a cigarette in his mouth. the bus driver says you can't have a cigarette on this bus. >> oh my goodness slapped the bus driver for trying to get him to put his cigarette out. talk about bad behavior. >> we are about to see some more bad behavior and threatening behavior this time in hong kong. >> ooh. >> this is at a bus station. that is an angry passenger slapping a bus driver. typhoon conditions in this area that meant that the evening bus schedule had to be suspend. just abannoyance to this fellow and he takes it out on the poor bus driver and another bus driver who tries to come in and intervene. those two bus dryers had to be taken to the hospital to be treated to are their injuries. you can see this one bus driver on the ground as this angry man and his clearly embarrassed wife
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sulk away. police are still looking for this couple. daly city california, our latest winr in our summer cash giveaway and we're gig more cash away later in the show. play a little game we call video knockout at we'll tell you how to play coming up in a little bit. stay tuned. 26-year-old nor weaningian artist hilde holmes is recording this as part of a series for a project and in this one she calls hanging in the woods and if you see, she does have a rope tied to a tree. she then walks nude into the frame and places her foot in one of the knots, because her intention is to create an image of her hanging in the woods. >> for artistic purposes. you don't say it's performance art and look at some weird person naked hanging herself
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from a tree by her ankles what are you doing. if you call it performance art they're like oh provocative. >> she's an artist. >> what is the meaning of this? >> let me start other. so she holds the pose for a few minutes, and when she feels like she's got it she gets right back up but this is where art goes terribly wrong. >> she did get stuck. >> because she does get stuck. >> now the performance has started. now i am entertained. >> this is no longer performance art, this is a naked woman stuck in a tree by herself in the woods. >> in the woods! >> if somebody came along and saw this they wouldn't say art, they would say crime s. >> the knot closed tightly around her ankle, and now she literally is hanging helplessly from that tree and she for a
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really long time struggles to pull herself up. she manages to get up and starts calling for help. her friend did come to her rescue but at that point she'd already been hanging for half an hour. did this whole part of the video end up being part of her video series or did she cut this part out? >> better than that. this video ended up being selected from 1600 other works of art to travel along with the bloomberg contemporary traveling gallery with 37 other artists. her video is going to be playing for the next year. >> are you kidding? this is an art fail. >> her art fail turned into an art win. nick and i want to see the other ones that didn't make it. >> there's a reason you two weren't judges on this thing. >> don't look down your knows at me i don't understand art because this got selected. that is ridiculous. >> awesome!
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>> this falcon has its eye on the prize. >> throw it up in the air, get a picture of this old dilapidated building. >> see what happens when it in contact with its target. these dudes take surfing to the streets. >> the weather is producing for the street session. how a little rain doesn't ruin their day. >> the jersey surf scene much different than the c totodaday y heher r dodoctctoror h has her on a bayer aspirin regimen toto h helelp p rereduducece t thehe risk of another one. ifif y youou'v've e hahad d a a heheart attack bebe s surure e toto t talalk k toto your doctor before y youou b begeginin a an n aspirin regimen.
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along with the big selfie
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trend came the photo bomb trend. animals getting in on that too. drone up in the air getting pictures of the dilapidated building. wait who is that? >> hi. what kind of bird is that? >> a falcon. you can see the black alice cooper looki eyes. >> oh, that doesn't even look real. >> makes an approach at the beginning of the video then drifts out of frame. >> he's just looking at the it what are you doing in my air space or what are you and can i eat you? >> you didn't clear this with air traffic control, buddy. another encounter between animal and humans 700 pound bear up against a cooler. this cooler made by a company called orca in the business of trying to minimize human/animal conflict. they're designed so sturdily this bear can't get into it. if you don't have access to a bear food locker this cooler can
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withstand a bear attack. thanks for the demonstration. here in this case they're trying to prove the durability of their cooler. the time for a little fun in the sun, this is julie cafnor not only is she surfing. she has awe lacrosse stick and doing some lacrosse. she's an award winning lacrosse player midfielder for the detroit titans. >> what awe great way to strengthen both skills by combining them eye/hand coordination your balance on the board, put it all together it'sonentially improving. >> this next video these guys hitting the streets of longport new jersey for a little street surfing. >> what's up spicolu? >> the weather is just producing right now for the street session. >> it's heavy. >> going to get our suits on an get out there, dude. it's going to be a little lightning, boys.
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>> and off they go. >> the jersey surf team much different than the california team. >> they look like they're having an awesome tomb. even the wipeouts look fun. >> some people call it flooding they call it fun time. >> exactly, make lemonade out of lemons when it's raining and you can't go about your day, make this your day. for the past 500 years people have been searching for hundreds of millions of dollars worth of ink and gold gold that was stolen in 1524. meghan from treasure quest is here to tell us if they've cracked the code. >> we came across some things we >> plus a chance to win some summer cash by playing video knockout.
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soso t theherere's's n noo stopping you. period. i love dogs because they get excited about the simple things in louvre. in this first have you had yo that was shared on our facebook page by denny maize you see bell bella, excited about picking up the paper. >> she's been getting the paper but now she'll try to get the sunday paper. >> the sunday paper is her challenge. can she do it? >> bella gets the paper. >> sunday pauper might be bigger than her. >> he opens the door. bella takes off to find the newspaper and believe it or not, just a few seconds later -- >> here comes that sunday paper. good job. >> and she doesn't just bring it in the house. look at this. delivers it straight to his hand. >> bella, now fetch a beer. >> that dog is earning her keep. >> i love you, too.
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>> she is too darned cute and so is maddie who is upset with this goe froe camera recording her right now. maddie jumps right in and starts chasing after it. they bring it back out. she's now out of the pool and listen to her. back in the water she goes. >> just off the southeastern coast of brazil there's a remote island where thousands of deadly vipers live. it's called snake island and that's where we're headed right now. >> hidden somewhere along the southeastern coast of brazil. >> hundreds of millions of dollars worth of gold, gold stolen in 1524 and people have been searching for it for the past nearly 500 years but now a team of ex-ploeshers may have cracked the code.
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team of explorers that clugz magie greer, known as the ultimate water woman and adventurer extrordinaire. they are searching for this gold in a show on discovery, six one-hour episodes called "treasure quest snake island" and to tell us all about this show that's about to premiere on discovery, we have megan hainey greer via skype "right this minute," welcome to the show! >> thanks for having me. >> i know that you can't tell us whether or not you treasure but how did you determine it might be located on the island? >> we were followi the theory of court graham our expedition leader. he wasn't telling us a whole lot as he was forming this team. >> what made a difference this time around if so many people have tried to figure this out. >> there's been a lot of just advancement in technology in particular so that in itself makes a big difference. >> modern day treasure hunting isn't what you'd imagine it to
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be. it's not shoveling dirt digging holes. it's the art of gathering intel. >> tell us about going into the coughs. >> the island lives up to his name. it's extremely snakey. it's no joke. you are out there in the middle of nowhere and our team herbitologist, our snake expert would say time is tissue so if you get bitten by one of the snakes and you're way out there, the best that can happen to you is something will turn black and fall off. these things are really really dangerous and they were everywhere. >> you guys have snakes on your left. >> major snakes on your left two in line over here. >> how confident are you the gold exists it's not just some mutt? very confident it exists and we put it on the line our lives and putting our lives in each others' hands. >> are you now really rich? >> i can neither confirm nor deny anything like that about the treasure. i can tell you this that we
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came across some things we didn't expect to fin and you have fhe>> you want to watch "treasure quest snake island" do that this friday july 17th at 10:00 p.m. on discovery. er, it's time now to win $100 in summer cash. all you have to do is play a little game we call video knockout and vote on your favorite video. do that at >> cast yr vote for your favorite prank vid. >> win some summer cash. these beautiful ladies are -- >> going in to see a doctor to get their lips adjusted. >> see if the gain is worth the pain. ♪ s sumummemer r dadaysys d dririftftining g awaway to, uh oh, those summer nights ♪ ♪ w welell l ohoh o oh h ohoh o oh h ♪ ♪ t telell l meme m morore,e, tetellll me more... ♪ twtwizizzlzlererizize e yoyourur susummmmer fun with twizzlers. ththe e twtwisist t yoyou u cacan'n't
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ol light color explosions. that's pretty rad. i got to tell you, this wuzfeed video will make you cringe just a tuny little bit or maybe a lot. you recognize this gurl mace yu she used to work with us, now part of the buzzfeed team and in this video she and a colleague are doing something for the very first time. >> my lips are like honestly the one thing that i feel like i don't like love about miu face. >> no don't do it macy. >> don't do it. nobody ever comes out of this looking good. they look like a duck. >> two things i will never understand in life -- plumping up your lips and tan
9:56 am
>> says a woman with perfectly full lips and >> they're both going in to see a doctor to get their lips injected and it was all of course very predictably inspired by coolie jenner. >> luke a side angle difference afterwards. >> they go in have their consultation. the doctor gives both of them his opinion. >> we want to enhance the bone and give you more of awe filter. i would bring that lip up a little bit more. >> is it dangerous at all to do this? >> not if i do it. >> i'm excited. >> i'm getting more excited. >> they come back three days later. i got to tell you, this part is a lull graphic might make you a little uncomfortable because there are needles going in. >> that's got to hurt. your lips are sense tough. >> they get numbed and now they start with the injections. >> no! >> the whole needle goes in there. >> >> they're starting to get plump. >> this can't be good for you.
9:57 am
sorry, all thisunk in your lips. >> and here it is. >> i'm like scared to look like i obviously want to see what i look luke. >> macy with her bug, big lips. here they are lawsuiter that evening. >> it's like really sore. >> i can kind of like feel the inside like it feels like kind of like swollen. >> at this pont i'm like damn was it really worth how i feel now. >> a few days later. >> one thing i hadn't considered beforehand it would hurt and i would be in physical pain afterwards numbed my lips i had this moment sitting there, what did i get myself into? it's a lot more serious and not something you should take lugt i had. >> real girls coming out with a real experience that then share with other people. may make others think why this trend is kind of sully. >> i have a new appreciation for
9:58 am
my old lips. >> that's it for our show. thanks for joining us. we'll see you for the next edition of"
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." today if you're looking for the latest celebrity stories, wendy's got you covered with all
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the juiciest "hot topics." and he's a say it like you mean it kind of guy. from the new movie "train wreck," comedian colin quinn is here. plus, think your a "hot topics" expert? find out whether we test your hollywood i.q. now, here's wendy! [ wild cheers and applause ] ♪


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